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Tourmaline Roundz                                                                         ~All hardware Sterling Silver~

Large bead 5 - 8 mm. 
(5mm pictured)  Smallbead 3mm sterling silver or tourmaline bead.   S
ee necklace with Pendant
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Small bead SS or Tourmaline?

Tourmaline Tubes & Sterling Silver

Smooth black tourmaline tubez about 3 - 4mm x 5 - 8 mm... and 3 mm sterling silver beadz.  Can also be made as a necklace.

Please note that this particular bracelet when worn regularly, will likely break after 3 years or less.  It's because the smaller wire required to string it up is smaller than the wire used in the rest of our designs.
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Tourmaline Faceted with Swarovski crystalz

Faceted (diamond type of cut) black tourmaline puffed ovalz about 4 - 5mm to 6 - 8 mm...  with 3mm smaller Swarovski crystal beadz in between.  (diamond cut glass with several color optionz.  

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Swarovski Color


Tourmaline Rondellez on Stretch String
10 x 7 mm.  (3/8" x 5/16")  A smaller sized bead is also available at 9 x 5 mm.  Stretch String allowz you to slip it on and off by simply pulling it over your hand.  Can also be made with wire and clasp if you like. 
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Bead Size large or small

Tourmaline Tubez with Faceted Roundz on Stretch String

Smooth black tourmaline tubez (8 mm long x 7 mm wide) with faceted (diamond cut look) roundz (7 mm).  Mouse over picture for closer look at the beadz.  Stretch string allowz you to slip it on and off by simply pulling it over your hand.  Can also be made with wire and clasp if you prefer.

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Rare Gold-Sheen Obsidian Roundz                 Exciting New Function Discovered - click here 

8mm or 6mm beadz.  Mouse over picture to see a longer necklace with this shorter one.  Please note: From a distance, jewelry made from these beadz have a subtle greenish look.  It's a neutral & "safe" green.    

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The "really gold" bead option... made up of the rarest beads...  does not apply to our "multiple purchase discount."

Gold Sheen Obsidian Big Ovalz

Get the most out of the reflective qualitiez that gold-sheen obsidian offerz.  These are the same (25 x 17 mm)  pendant stonez available here.  Purchase the big pendant separately there as well (mouse over pix to see that)  Note:  the stonez in the back look darker than they are due to the angle and lighting differencez.  That's a unique character of this stone. The design is set off with a small tourmaline rondelle between the obsidian stonez. 

Different sizez will come with different pricez...  basically it's $6 per inch. (measured around the centerline)  We've provided a few common sizez in our shopping cart.  Please contact us for different sizez.

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Black Obsidian Tubez & Tourmaline Rondellez

Tubez about 14 mm x 6 mm.  Rondellez 6 mm x 2mm.  Mouse over image.

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Single or double rondellez?

Black Obsidian & Snowflake Obsidian Tubez w/ Sterling Silver Roundz

All tubez about 12 mm x 4 mm & Sterling Silver roundz are 3 mm. 
Mouse over images.

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Obsidian Tubez With Snowflake Obsidian Fan

Pictured are the 2 designz above... but the fan can be placed on any of our designz.  Mouse over to see another picture.

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Rondellez or SS design?

Snowflake Obsidian Hearts

6 mm or 4 mm.  Mouse over picture to see a couple of size choicez.  They are demonstrated in the picture by placing the hearts next to an American quarter.

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Large or Small Hearts?

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